Karndean Flooring Manchester

In the world of Luxury Vinyl Tiles, Karndean flooring is royalty! It’s amazing to look at, incredible to walk on and longer-lasting than almost anything else out there. 

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Wood & stone effect luxury vinyl

From wood-look flooring inspired by the remote forests of northern Scandinavia to majestic marble stone-style tiles like in ancient Rome, Karndean’s got the widest choice of designs for your lounge, bathroom, kitchen and even your office. 

Traditional herringbone parquet is the most popular style right now, and it only takes one look at Karndean’s latest ranges – Heritage, Art Select, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Van Gogh Opus and Knight Tile – to know your new flooring will be a work of art.

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Three reasons why you should choose Karndean Flooring

Three reasons to choose Karndean flooring

1: It’s hard-wearing

You get the look and feel of a natural floor, but with the durability of Karndean’s luxury vinyl. It’s scuffproof, stainproof and waterproof, with no swelling, cracking or warping when wet. And you get a lifetime guarantee. Not that you’ll need it.

2: It’s low-maintenance

Karndean’s a breeze if you’ve got pets or little ones to clean up after. Muddy paws, chocolate hands and spilled drinks can be easily mopped or wiped clean. The perfect safe and comfortable space for your kids to play.

3. It’s beautiful

Karndean flooring replicates the look and feel of real wood and stone, but it’s much softer, warmer and quieter underfoot. It’s resistant to allergens like dust, dirt and pollen (unlike carpet). And good for the planet, being 100% recyclable.