Installation of lvt parquet flooring in Didsbury,

Polyflor Parquet Flooring Didsbury M20

PROJECT BRIEF Mr. Atkinson, our valued client, enlisted Luxury Flooring Manchester‘s expertise to source parquet flooring for their kitchen and dining area, which underwent a significant extension. Their interior design concept aimed to blend modern elements with a retro theme.

The client shortlisted three options: Amtico Signature, Karndean Art Select, and Polyflor Camaro Georgian Oak. After thorough discussions about each option, including warranty considerations, they ultimately chose Polyflor Camaro for its matte finish, resulting in a substantial cost savings of over £2000!

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION – Polyflor Camaro Flooring Georgian Parquet 2252 –warm and classic in appearance, adding golden tones to a rippled dark grain for a timeless finish, it’s crafted to bring the timeless beauty of wood into your home or light commercial space. Measuring 76.2 x 228.6mm, the Cambridge Oak Parquet tile is just the right size for creating a flawless and cohesive floor surface. With a durable 0.3mm wear layer, it can handle the daily hustle and bustle with ease. Plus, it’s waterproof, making it the perfect choice for areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

FLOOR PREPARATION & FITTING For this project, our floor preparation services involved overlaying the ground floor with Hanson SP101 plywood. We then applied a premium self-leveling compound to achieve a perfectly level and flat floor, preparing it for the final floor coverings.

FLOOR INSTALLATION The client’s preference leaned towards a stylish and modern herringbone design without borders. Our parquet fitters initiated the process by meticulously planning and executing the pattern, spanning across the kitchen, diner, utility, and WC areas. Covering an impressive area of 66 square meters, this project serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment and expertise. The remarkable transformation was completed in just five days

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The parquet flooring in my home is simply stunning! I was thoroughly impressed with your extensive product knowledge and the variety of options you presented, especially the one that came in £2000 under my planned budget. Your flooring team has been exceptional, delivering outstanding results that we absolutely adore. I can’t thank you enough! A massive thank you to everyone involved in my installation. I highly recommend Luxury Flooring; they get a perfect 10/10 from me.

Mr Atkinson

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