Installation of Wood flooring in Bolton

Installation of Ted Todd Wood Flooring – Bolton BL1

Luxury Flooring Manchester was approached by the client to spearhead the modernisation of a residential property in Horwich, Bolton, with the introduction of exquisite engineered wood flooring from Ted Todd – the captivating Calico collection.

Flooring Specification: Calico, a light oak wonder, emanates an inviting warmth that comes in three delightful variations. This sought-after flooring, available in wide and extra-wide planks, as well as herringbone blocks, is crafted from high-spec nature-grade European oak, featuring charming knots, captivating color variations, and the essence of natural sap. Each board and block has been meticulously brushed to accentuate the oak’s innate grain intricacies.

The 190mm wide planks boast a thickness of 14mm, flaunting a resilient 3mm wear layer. Meanwhile, the 260mm planks, at 15mm thickness, proudly showcase a 4mm wear layer. Calico proudly bears the FSC certification, the environmental gold standard in the timber industry. Its hardened oil finish strikes a perfect balance, marrying a natural appearance with a subtle sheen. This oil-based finish exudes durability, offering enhanced wear and splash resistance, while still being effortlessly maintainable. To add to its versatility, Calico can also be artfully employed as captivating wall cladding.

Pre Installation Work: This transformative project faced the challenge of a subfloor comprised of both floorboards and concrete across three different levels. Our first task involved harmonising the subfloor to achieve a seamless, continuous level. This undertaking demanded the use of Hanson SP101 ply, employing 18mm and 9mm overlays to address the floorboard discrepancies. Additionally, we diligently tackled the elevated moisture level in the new extension, skillfully applying a surface damp-proof membrane. After a 24-hour curing period, we proceeded with precise priming and meticulous screeding. Given the area’s substantial size and varying levels, we executed the screeding process twice to achieve an unparalleled finish, adhering rigorously to SR1 standards.

Floor Installation: Our expert wood flooring fitters embarked on a 7-day journey, meticulously working their craft to artfully install this splendid floor in the hallway, reading room, kitchen, diner, and utility rooms – a total area of 100m2.

The Result: Behold the breathtaking spectacle as the Calico flooring adorns the hallway, lounge, kitchen, and dining area of this enchanting residential property in Horwich. Our unwavering expertise and precision have elevated this space to new, awe-inspiring heights

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