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Installation of Wood Flooring in Didsbury


Mr Wong contacted Luxury Flooring Manchester to supply and fit engineered wood flooring in Didsbury.

There was already a hardwood floor in the property which was to be replaced. After uplifting his existing floor we established that there had been a minor leak from the cold water mains supply. The leak had been spraying onto the underbelly of the subfloor for a number of years. The subfloor eventually absorbed too much water and swelled beyond repair


This project required us to uplift the existing floor remove a large section of floorboards and joists and dry out the cavity below the floor.  

Once the area was completely dry we replaced the joists, floorboards and then overlaid the floorboards with flooring grade ply before screeding to achieve an SR1finish.


The floo was installed by our Senior Wood Flooring Fitters