V4 Wood Flooring Installation
Installation of V4 Wood Flooring - Rustic Oak
Installation of V4 Flooring - Rustic Oak

Installation of V4 Wood Flooring – Cheadle, SK8

Project Overview: Transformation of a new build residential property in Cheadle with V4 Wood Flooring, Rustic Oak A103.

Flooring Specification: The A103 Brushed Oak plank is a true beauty, perfectly mirroring the proportions of traditional floorboards. Its rustic oak surface, lightly brushed to remove the soft grain, offers a versatile and easy-to-install option for any domestic interior. With 6 coats of natural matt lacquer protecting the surface, this floor not only maintains the natural oak tone but also becomes extremely resistant to everyday wear and scratching. Its durability makes it an ideal choice for modern lifestyles, requiring minimal maintenance.

Preparation Work: This project took place in a new build property, and we ensured a solid foundation by carrying out essential floor preparation work. A water-based surface damp proof course was applied, followed by skillful subfloor leveling to perfection. For the finishing touch, we expertly applied Arditex NA, a latex smoothing compound, resulting in a seamless and superior finish. The floor was then prepared to meet the highest standards, ensuring a flawless installation of the wood floor.

Floor Installation: Our meticulous installation process began in the hallway and seamlessly flowed through to the lounge, kitchen, and dining area. As a new building property, we opted not to remove the skirting boards but instead installed a 15mm quadrant bead around the perimeter, providing the necessary expansion gap coverage. Our expert wood flooring fitters worked diligently for a total of 4 days, skillfully transforming the 63m2 area.

The Result: Witness the stunning as as the flooring graces the hallway, lounge, kitchen, and dining area of this lovely residential property in Cheadle. Our expertise and precision have elevated this space to new levels..

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A huge thank you to you all. The work you have done is superb and left no stone unturned to make sure all was perfect! I highly recommend luxury flooring for herringbone flooring.

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