Installation of V4 Wood Flooring Manchester City Centre

Installation of Engineered Wood – Manchester City Centre

Luxury Flooring Manchester proudly served as the main flooring contractor for a prestigious property investment company in Manchester City Centre. Our mission: to replace the existing engineered wooden floor in the penthouse suite of Skyline Central apartments, using the stunning V4 Wood Flooring A305 rustic oak.

Flooring Specification: V4 Wood Flooring has Meticulously crafted individual staves of rustic oak, the three-strip planks were carefully selected to showcase variation and character. Once installed, the effect is a smooth and seamless floor, with a fine-sanded surface spray-coated with a hardwearing lacquer. This exceptional flooring solution is perfect for heavy traffic areas like hallways and playrooms, radiating a classic and modern European aesthetic admired in Germany, Austria, and Poland.

Pre-Installation Work: Our dedication to excellence demanded meticulous pre-installation work. We uplifted the existing fully bonded floor, meticulously assessed for any residual moisture, and diligently repaired the subfloor to ensure its readiness for the new engineered wood flooring. To expedite the process, we employed a fast-track solution, installing a surface damp-proof membrane and seamlessly screeding the floor throughout with a latex screed.

Floor Installation: Our team of expert wood flooring fitters embarked on a meticulously planned five-day installation journey. With an artistic touch, they brought this splendid floor to life, effortlessly spanning the hallway, open-plan lounge, kitchen and dining space, and utility rooms. Completing the transformation, new skirting boards were carefully installed, culminating in a total area of 119m2.

The Result: Astonishingly, we restored this magnificent penthouse apartment to its former glory. The seamless blend of modern elegance and natural charm exudes sophistication in every corner, elevating the overall ambiance of the space to new heights. This remarkable flooring installation has not only breathed new life into the penthouse but also added a touch of luxury that complements its exquisite surroundings.

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