Safety Flooring Manchester

You put your blood, sweat and tears into making your business successful, so the last thing you need is for any accidents in the workplace to sour things. So why not protect your staff and customers with high performance safety flooring?

Customer Reviews

Luxury Flooring Manchester sets an extremely high standard of service. The admin and surveyors have been easy to work with and as were the fitters who were professional, respectful and hardworking.

Manchester City FC

Outstanding service from start to finish. The work carried out in our restaurant is impeccable. The fitters were professional, respectful and tidy. Certainly live up to their 5-star reputation. Highly recommended.

Yezzan - Gladstone Restaurant

You’ve done a fantastic job. The premises look real nice. The fitting is of a high standard. Thank you for coming back immediately to address an issue. Luxury Flooring gets a big thumbs up from us.

Bridgewater Funeral Services
Why choose safety floor?

Commercial safety flooring is essential for kitchens, wet areas, hotels, bars, pubs, restaurants and factories and any other places that need to be kept clean, allowing you to make slippery places safer without compromising on style.

Water cooler: Bottles leak and cups spill, but the sinister puddle on the floor by the water cooler is an accident waiting to happen. Safety flooring makes cleaning up easier than ever before keeping office workplace or school halls safe and slip free. 

 Get well soon: Hospitals and clinics demand peace and serenity to get patients back on their feet. Safety flooring is sound absorbent and soft underfoot, so busy staff, beds being wheeled and visitors in and out all go practically unnoticed. 

 Food for Table 4: Sautéed veggies are delicious, but oils and fats flying all over the kitchen makes for a dangerous area to play Slip ‘n’ Slide. Polyflor and Altro floors can handle the heat and the meticulous clean up after. 

  • Standard PUR
  • Ecomax
  • Apex
  • Verona PUR
  • Arena PUR
  • Mosaic PUR
  • Modena PUR
  • Astral PUR Polysafe Astral PUR
  • Vogue Ultra PUR
  • Control Wood PUR
  • Control Stone PUR
  • Quattro PUR
  • Hydro Evolve
  • Wood FX Acoustix PUR
  • Ultima
  • Wood FX PUR
  • ContraX
  • Stronghold 30
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces Altro Marine 20
  • Classic 25
  • Reliance 25
  • Atlas 40
  • Suprema
  • Walkway 20
  • Impressionist II
  • XpressLay
  • Wood Safety
  • Wood Safety Comfort
  • Walkway 20 SD
Why Choose Us?

As commercial flooring contractors we’ve got a specialist floor preparation team who’ll deal with all required work before your floor can be fitted, including damp proof membrane installation, (DPM) ply boarding and floor smoothing (screeding). Once the floor has been prepared to the highest standard  our professional floor fitters will do their magic.

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