Ted Todd Wood Flooring Retailers in Manchester & Cheshire

With Ted Todd, you should expect epic. They’re one of the world’s top natural wood flooring brands, and if you want your home or business to have an unmistakable charm and charisma, then you’re in the right place.

From handmade sun-bleached slow grown oak for a relaxed and chic look, to an antique and rich wood for a stately manor vibe, you’ll find a natural wood floor that’s perfect for you.  

You can inject some history into your room with Ted Todd flooring, with a choice of antique floorboards from 18th century France – talk about adding a little character!

Or go for newer handmade flooring, which is hard wearing and easier to maintain so you’ll have less to worry about when it comes to playtime at home. 

Prepare to make jaws drop…

What’s popular in Ted Todd’s world

Engineered  |  Solid  |  Reclaimed  |  Antique  

Download the Ted Todd brochure to see them all, or check out the Woodworks by Ted Todd brochure for just the handmade antique styles. 

Ready to bring that perfect natural wood floor to your home? Get in touch and our friendly Ted Todd wood flooring experts will order some samples and visit you to talk everything through.

Just in case you weren’t convinced 

Why knot?

The natural texture of wood flooring brings nature straight into your home, making each little welt, knot or bump tell a story of its life journey, where it’s been and what it’s seen. 

Go au-naturel

From outside in nature to your beneath your feet, Ted Todd floorboards will outlast any man-made options, so you get style and statement in your home, and your money’s worth, too.  

Time to shine 

Wood is not only made to be noticed, but it’ll match almost any décor. From welcoming guests in the hallway to feasting in the dining room, there’s a style and design that complement every theme you could come up with. 

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