Installation of Polyflor Georgian Oak flooring in Altrincham
Parquet Flooring installation Altrincham

Polyflor Parquet Flooring, Altrincham WA14

PROJECT OVERVIEW Mr. & Mrs. Lord-Castle reached out to Luxury Flooring Manchester for expert guidance on parquet flooring for their new Altrincham, Cheshire residence. With a set budget in mind, they opted for Camaro flooring. When they saw the Georgian Oak parquet flooring option, they instantly recognised it as the perfect choice to achieve their desired look.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION – Polyflor Camaro Flooring Georgian Parquet 2252 –warm and classic in appearance, adding golden tones to a rippled dark grain for a timeless finish, it’s crafted to bring the timeless beauty of wood into your home or light commercial space. Measuring 76.2 x 228.6mm, the Cambridge Oak Parquet tile is just the right size for creating a flawless and cohesive floor surface. With a durable 0.3mm wear layer, it can handle the daily hustle and bustle with ease. Plus, it’s waterproof, making it the perfect choice for areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

FLOOR PREPARATION – Since this was a new build project, our initial step involved assessing the moisture levels within the concrete subfloor. After determining a moisture reading of 85% RH, we proceeded to install a surface DPM (damp-proof membrane). Subsequently, we meticulously screeded the floor to achieve an SR1 level, using Ardex NA latex screed.

FLOOR FITTING – Aligned with the client’s aspiration to craft a unique and exceptional floor, we embarked on a creative journey with the flooring design. Our goal was to achieve a remarkable aesthetic by incorporating a contemporary borderless design. Our expert Polyflor parquet fitters masterfully executed this vision, bringing it to fruition through an enchanting herringbone-style parquet pattern

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The flooring looks great! You guys have done a brilliant job. We were both really excited to see it last night….Nik got a little emotional :) Home was left tidy, thanks for that!

Mr Lord-Castle

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