Installation of Project Floors French Oak Herringbone in Didsbury M20e

Installation of Projects Floors Herringbone Flooring in Didsbury, M20

PROJECT OVERVIEW: At Luxury Flooring Manchester, we had the privilege of embarking on an exciting project in the picturesque neighborhood of Didsbury, M20. Our esteemed client had recently acquired a stunning Victorian property on the exclusive Pine Road and desired a new floor that would create a statement, paying homage to the property’s rich history. The client’s heart was set on the timeless elegance of herringbone flooring, prompting them to seek out a local flooring company specializing in herringbone installations in Didsbury.

FLOOR SPECIFICATION: After carefully considering various options, the client fell in love with Project Floors’ French Oak Herringbone PW 3840/HB. This exquisite flooring was destined to grace the space in a herringbone pattern, complemented by a double plank border, adorned with a tasteful 10mm walnut inlay strip for added detailing.

PREPARATION WORK: To ensure a flawless foundation for the herringbone masterpiece, we embarked on meticulous preparation work. We began by overlaying the existing floorboards with 18mm flooring grade ply, skillfully leveling the subfloor to perfection. The finishing touch involved applying Arditex NA, a fiber-reinforced smoothing compound, which guaranteed a superior and seamless finish.

FLOOR INSTALLATION: Our installation journey began with the skillful installation of the double plank perimeter border, beautifully framing the herringbone pattern. Meanwhile, another expert craftsman established a center line, expertly weaving through the kitchen and dining area. With unrivaled precision and expertise, our dedicated team of herringbone flooring specialists worked tirelessly for a total of seven days to bring the vision to life across an impressive 120m2 area.

THE RESULT: The result? A breathtaking transformation of the lounge, kitchen, dining area, and servant quarters, where the natural beauty of Project Floors French Oak Herringbone Flooring exudes timeless charm. The herringbone pattern, harmoniously intertwined with the elegant double plank border and walnut inlay strip, adds a touch of sophistication to the entire space.

OUR COMMITMENT: At Luxury Flooring Manchester, we take immense pride in delivering top-notch craftsmanship and ensuring every detail is executed to perfection. This project stands as a true testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in Project Floors Design Flooring installations.

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Absolutely in love with our beautiful designer floor, it’s beyond belief! We certainly recommend Luxury Flooring Manchester to all who are looking for a parquet floor.

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